Troll FTPd 1.25

I've debianized this small and secure FTP server daemon by Arnt Gulbrandsen.
It is designed to use less resources than older servers, be smaller and to NEVER execute any external program.
It supports only the most-used features and commands of FTP and make virtual IP hosts.


Debian binary package (i386)troll-ftpd_1.25-1_i386.deb35kB
Original sourcetroll-ftpd-1.25.tar.gz29kB
local copy
Debian diffstroll-ftpd_1.25-1.diff.gz4kB
Debian descriptiontroll-ftpd_1.25-1.dsc1kB

I'M CURRENTLY SEARCH A DEBIAN PACKAGE MANTEINER for this. I'll take it updated. Please email me.

Bugs at 28 Mar 2001

* Denial Of Service problem fixed in upstream version 1.26
* virtual hosts on the original package are not debian FSSTND
* mtrginfo is never tested. anyone want?
* the manual page overwrite the man of in.ftpd.

Fixed bugs from 29 Oct 1999

* the package is badly installed: inetd.conf is wrong: the name of the server is ftpd and not troll-ftpd.
* the latest upstream version is 1.25.

Last update: 28 Mar 2001 14:45 CET